Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sat 19 Nov - Arrive Hong Kong

Sydney scheduled departure was 15.45 from Kingsford-Smith and scheduled arrival was 22.00 at Hong Kong International. We were flying Virgin Atlantic.

Well, we were waking up in the morning and there was fog. Lots of fog. The ferries were still running in the morning, but conveniently when we were going to town to go to the airport, they were replaced by buses. Of course, when we arrived at Circular Quay in the bus, the 12.45pm ferry arrived at the same time. Fortunately, no problems with fog at the airport.

A couple of interesting observations at the airport and on the plane...
1. The queue to board our plane was probably the longest that I have ever seen. 30 or 40 metres. However, it moved quickly and the plane took off pretty much on time.
2. I have never seen a plane were there was so much empty space in the overhead lockers. The one above us was totally empty, so empty that I was worried that my sling with the camera and laptop in it would move around, so I moved it to a fuller compartment
3. Two Chinese girls were eating.... prawns on the plane. Lots of them. I was wondering where they got them from as I got a bit jelly

We arrived 20 minutes early in Hong Kong at 9.40pm. Long queues at immigrations, but they moved on pretty quickly. Bags were there waiting for us.

Airport train to Kowloon, a very smooth and efficient operation, then free buses from Kowloon station to various hotels, including our B P International. The bus driver stepped on it and we were at the hotel in no time.

Of course, coming so late, by now time was almost midnight, we couldn't get a room with double bed (tomorrow onwards), but we were upgraded to a room with a "harbour view". You know, look over there, between the high rise buildings. A smoke free room which stank of cigarette smoke as soon as you opened the door.

We were debating whether we should go out, but realised that our body clocks would be totally out of whack if we did (minus -3 hours here, so after 3am Sydney time).

A cup of tea in bed writing this, but now it's time to close the eyelids... BIG day tomorrow, exploration...

A final good night with an Saturday night image from our window on level 19...

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